Frequently Asked Heat Exchanger Replacement Questions - Answers By Heat Exchanger Group

Is Dye Penetrant Inspection A Common Standard For The Industry?

Yes. Dye penetrant testing is fairly common in the industry, and here at Heat Exchanger Group, we'll perform this test on all of the plates in your GPHE during the course of the inspection.

Are You Able To Assist In Heat Exchanger Retrofits If Necessary?

Absolutely. If you'd rather go the route of repairing or retrofitting your current GPHE instead of having it replaced, our skilled technicians can help.

Do You Offer OEM Or Non-OEM Spare Parts?

We offer both as requested by our clients. Whether you're looking for OEM replacement parts, or Non-OEM parts, our skilled heat exchanger replacement pros can help you find what you need.

Can You Repaint Exchangers To Our Specifications?

We certainly can. Here at Heat Exchanger Group, we can repaint your GPHE to our clients' specifications as needed.

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