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Heat exchanger repair and parts

If your facility’s heat exchanger is having trouble keeping up with your needs or showing signs of breaking down, the pros at Heat Exchanger Group are ready and willing to provide you with the heat exchanger repairs and parts you need. We know that your heat exchanger performs a very specific job that is vital to the success of your business, and having one that works well is critical. While heat exchangers are built to last, lots of wear and tear along with a continuous buildup of dust, dirt, sludge, or any other debris can start to slow it down. This can also mean that your business slows down, and that’s the last thing you want!

At Heat Exchanger Group, we’re a team of qualified professionals who know precisely what kind of repairs, maintenance, or parts your heat exchanger needs when it starts acting up. We also know how to expertly take a look at your heat exchanger and identify exactly the kind of work it needs. We’re the premier heat exchanger replacement company serving the area, and you can trust us when it comes to your heat exchanger needs. Call us the next time you need high-quality heat exchanger repairs and parts-- we’ll step up to the challenge and make sure you get the results you deserve!

Types Of Heat Exchangers

There are multiple types of heat exchangers used in all kinds of facilities, and we can do work on all of them! The three most popular types of heat exchangers include:

  • Shell & tube: This kind of heat exchanger is made up of many small tubes encased in a cylindrical shell. They are bundled together in a way that allows them to contract and expand as needed in different heat conditions, as well as making it easy for the bundle to be removed easily.
  • Plate: Plate heat exchangers work similarly to shell & tube exchangers but use stacks of plates instead of tube bundles. They are compact and made of stainless steel, which is the perfect material for use with food and beverage processing or refrigerants.
  • Air-cooled: The final type of heat exchanger is typically used in vehicle applications where no permanent water source is present. They are installed with cooling packs made up of an oil cooler, engine jacket water cooler, and charge air cooler into one unit that reduces space taken up and improves efficiency.

Call Heat Exchanger Group For Your Needs

There’s no other name in the area to know besides Heat Exchanger Group when you’re in need of exchange repair and parts or replacement heat exchangers. We’re the number one service provider for this kind of work and the products that go along with it, and we’re dedicated to your 100% satisfaction as our customer. We know that your business and its output rely on high-quality equipment and reliable maintenance-- two things you’re guaranteed to get when you work with our team. Don’t settle for less than the best when it comes to the service you get for your heat exchanger! Call Heat Exchanger Group for the highest quality repairs, parts, maintenance, and more.

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