GPHE Service Professionals Offering Complete Repair For Plate Heat Exchangers


Identifying and repairing issues with your GPHE is important as a facility owner of any kind. When your GPHE isn't performing at optimal efficiency, your business suffers, and our team of skilled GPHE service specialists would like to help prevent that. As the premier heat exchanger replacement pros serving the area, our skilled technicians can provide you with the comprehensive GPHE services and heat exchanger products you need to keep your gasketed plate-and-frame heat exchanger in good condition to avoid slips in production, safety hazards, or other inefficiencies around your facility. Are you looking for a professional GPHE service professional who can help with your GPHE cleaning and GPHE repair needs? If so, give our team of skilled professionals a call today and let us provide you with the services you need.

Open/Close And Hydro-Testing To ASME Standard

Hydro-testing is a type of pressure test designed to help you find leaks in your GPHE system. By removing the air in your GPHE and replacing it with pressurized water, any faults or leaks in your system can be identified rather quickly.

Chemically Cleaning The Plates

Chemical tanks are heated and agitated to provide a superior plate cleaning process compared to water blasting or hand scrubbing with SS brushes.

Dye Penetrant Inspection Of Plates and Nozzles

Each plate is dye penetrant inspected for cracks and pinholes, which is critical to ensure the regasketed plates are reusable.

Application Of New Gaskets Clip/Glue

After your plates are cleaned and inspected, our professionals will bond your new gaskets to your plates, ensuring a strong and complete seal.

Cleaning Of Studded Port Studs And Tapped Holes

After the application of new gaskets, our skilled professionals will clean all of your plates' studded port holes and tapped holes to ensure your gaskets are able to maintain a tight seal to your plates.

Repaint Of Exchanger With HEG Or Customer Specifications

If your exchanger is in need of repainting, our skilled professionals can do so to either HEG standards or to our customer's specifications.

ASME "R" Stamp For Nozzles Or Weld Repairs

All of our nozzle or weld repairs are done by qualified professionals with an R stamp certification to ensure your heat exchanger meets requirements.

Replacement Shrouds

Your shroud is used to direct and increase the local velocity across your heat exchanger. If your shroud has become worn or suffered any kind of damage, our skilled technicians will help install a replacement shroud for your GPHE.

Replacement Tightening Bolts

If any of your tightening bolts are stripped or worn down, our team of experts will replace them with new bolts.

Onsite Cleaning/Swapping Plate Packs

Our skilled heat exchanger replacement pros can also provide onsite cleaning for your GPHE or swap plate packs if necessary.

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